Leo december 2 compatibility

For one thing, you both love luxury. For another, each of you is extremely loyal.

Seducing Your Lover

And finally, the two of you crave affection! You have to admit, though, that it must be hard for Taurus to yield the spotlight to you. Bubbly Gemini makes a great friend for you. Of course, after the peas stop flying, Gemini will clean up the mess between fitful giggles, while you wipe the tears from your eyes with a linen table napkin. Looking for more friendship insight?

Birthday Compatibility (zodiac)

Sometimes being friends with moody Cancer can pose something of a challenge to you. You have to admit, it is flattering when the Crab fixes your favorite foods every time you come over.

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The full extent of your beauty, grace, charm, and humor will be immediately apparent to a fellow Lion. Within hours of meeting, the two of you will be exchanging affectionate hugs, inside jokes and extravagant compliments.

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Similarly, your friend might accuse you of hogging the mirror when it comes time to get ready for dinner. This pal would never let you talk the night away with spinach in your teeth. Are there any downsides to this friendship? Similarly, your fits of temper seem utterly tacky to the etiquette-driven Virgin.

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  8. If you still have questions about your specific friendship situation, the Tarot can help. This friend has a certain je ne sais quoi that is utterly captivating.

    Planetary Row

    That being said, there are always exceptions: Some signs that shouldn't gel well at all wind up enjoying wonderful, life-long partnerships filled with harmony and light. This list includes each astrology sign's least compatible signs and opposite signs, along with some of the reasons they're incompatible. They say opposites attract -- but do they?

    Yes, in some cases, they do.

    This is particularly true with astrology. When a star sign is in the seventh position of another sign, they're considered opposites. The initial attraction might be extremely strong, but if a relationship between opposite signs is to work, both people have to be willing to compromise or face incompatibility. Respecting each other's fundamental differences is the key to any good coupling, and this is true with astrology signs as well. Aries, the Ram, is a fire sign. The least compatible zodiac signs with Aries are Cancer water and Capricorn earth.

    Summary of Sagittarius compatibility

    In additon, Aries's opposite sign is Libra air. Also you might find out a new way of attracting a partner that you would not think of because of how your mind works differently, due to being a different star sign or even so called opposite elements such as fire and water. Check your daily, weekly and monthly love horoscopes and that of your lover or crush. You can also select normal horoscopes and career based ones.

    Leo & Pisces: Love Compatibility

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